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Sudanese journalist tortured and subjected to racist abuse by NISS

(8 November 2012) The Government of Sudan must immediately investigate the arbitrary detention and torture of freelance Sudanese journalist Somia Ismail Ibrahim Hendusa, who was found abandoned and in extremely poor health on a Khartoum street on 2 November following her arrest by Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) …

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Sudanese Government Continues to Repress the Freedom of Expression

(29 September 2011)  On 27 September 2011, officials from the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) raided the Aljareedanewspaper offices in Khartoum.  After ordering all employees to leave the premises, NISS officers posted guards at the main gates and locked the doors.  Chief Editor Mr. Saad Aldeen Ibrahim and the Chair of the newspaper’s …

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Sudan Human Rights Monitor Issue 18

(June-July 2012) The feature article of this issue of Sudan Human Rights Monitor gives an overview of the demonstrations that began in Khartoum on 16 June and quickly spread across the country.The demonstrations rapidly gained momentum and transformed from public discontent over rising prices caused by austerity measures imposed in …

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Sudan Human Rights Monitor Issue 17

(April-May 2012) In this issue, the feature article analyzes the relationship between Sudan and South Sudan as the two countries came dangerously close to returning to full scale war in April. Political developments discussed in this issue include demonstrations against rising prices, the movement of the AU Summit from Malawi, accusations against the SPLA …

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