Sunday , February 18 2018

Press Releases

UPDATE: 29 individuals join the list of individuals detained incommunicado

Free Khartoum University Facebook Page

(7 February 2018) The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies has continued to receive information on more arbitrary arrests and detention of individuals, post-print censorship of newspapers, release of detainees, criminal charges against peaceful protestors, constitutional petition challenging the continued arbitrary detention of individuals in connection with the crackdown …

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Sudan: Stop Abuse of Peaceful Demonstrators

Gaël Grilhot / Freelance

Excessive Use of Force, Arbitrary Detention (Nairobi – 29 January 2018) — Sudan’s security forces have arrested scores of people in connection with protests against austerity measures imposed under the January 2018 budget, four Sudanese and international organizations, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty international, the Al Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment …

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Update: Continued arbitrary arrests and incommunicado detention of Sudanese citizens amidst crackdown on January 2018 peaceful protests

jan 30 photo

(30 January 2018) The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies has continued to monitor the on-going crackdown of peaceful protests including arbitrary arrests and detention of Sudanese citizens, transfer of opposition political leaders to remote prisons in Darfur, confiscation of newspapers, harassment of journalists amidst growing public unrest and …

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