Sunday , February 18 2018

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Sudan: Human rights defenders detained, face death penalty

mudawi photo

Authorities should release all in arbitrary detention, drop charges To read the full PDF statement, click here. (7 July 2017) – Sudanese authorities have been unjustly holding Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, Hafiz Idris, and Mobarak Adam Abdalla, three human rights defenders, and have charged them with ‘crimes against the state …

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Three activists held incommunicado by Sudanese security in South Darfur

sudan jail

(15 June 2017) Three activists from Eidel Firsan locality in South Darfur are currently detained incommunicado by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) without charge or access to their families. A lawyer contracted by the activists’ families has expressed concern for their safety and well-being, and vulnerability to torture …

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New ACJPS blog: تجارب شعبية في المناصرة


مبادرة أسرة المعتقل الدكتور مضوي إبراهيم في  27 مايو 2017م  كانت أسرة الدكتور مضوي أبراهيم الذي اعتقل من مكتبة بجامعة الخرطوم بواسطة جهاز الأمن والماخابرات السوداني منذ 7 ديسمبر 2016م  تتوق لتناول طعام الإفطار معه كما درجت الأسرة علي الإجتماع كل عام حول مائدة أفطار رمضان ، فظلت الأمنيات تتوجه …

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Man Sentenced to Death after Unfair Trial


(08 June 2017) Mustafa Ismail Mohamed, 23 years old, was sentenced to death on 29 May 2017 by the Children’s Court in Nyala for the rape (article 45 (b) of the 2010 Child Act) and murder (article 130 of the 1991 Criminal Act) of a 6-year old girl. The African …

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Misseriya Land Conflicts: West Kordofan State, 1990-2015

MISSERIA LAND Conflict-page-001

The land conflicts in Misseriya have existed since the 1990s. The conflicts have been internal i.e. between the clans of the Misseriya tribe and external i.e. between the Misseriya and other tribes. Some of the causes of the conflict include: lack of resources, displacement of people due to land that …

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