Sunday , February 18 2018

ACJPS is dedicated to creating a Sudan committed to all human rights, the rule of law and peace, in which the rights and freedoms of the individual are honored and where all persons and groups are granted their rights to non-discrimination, equality and justice.

ACJPS runs three mutually reinforcing programmes of work to achieve an improvement in the human rights situation in Sudan. ACJPS' human rights monitoring programme documents human rights violations and identifies individuals at risk or situations of concern, operating as an early warning mechanism. ACJPS' Legal programme conducts legal research and undertakes legal aid for individuals at risk. The programme also conducts strategic litigation in pursuit of effective remedies for victims of human rights violations and legal reform. ACJPS' Advocacy Programme works to publish and disseminate evidence-based advocacy materials and influence domestic, regional and international policy - makers to improve the human rights situation in Sudan.