Sunday , February 18 2018

Legal Programme

The ACJPS Legal Programme is dedicated to promoting respect for human rights, improving access to justice for victims, and ensuring accountability for the perpetrators of human rights violations throughout Sudan.

The programme publishes legal research and analysis, submits reports to human rights monitoring bodies concerning Sudan’s compliance with its international and regional law obligations, advocates for law reform, and represents victims of human rights violations before domestic and regional tribunals.


  • Reforming legal provisions that allow Sudan’s officials to commit human rights violations with impunity (such as laws that grant immunity to state officials).
  • Pursuing strategic legal cases at the domestic and international level with a special focus on putting an end to torture, sexual violence, the use of corporal punishments and the death penalty in Sudan.
  • Monitoring and reporting on Sudan’s compliance with the international and regional human rights treaties it has committed to, in particular UN treaties and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.
  • Analysing the legal system in Sudan to highlight potential avenues for law reform to promote and protect human rights.
  • Monitoring places of detention in Sudan to expose human rights violations.
  • Supporting Sudanese lawyers to promote human rights.
  • Supporting the development of a strong African regional human rights system capable of improving the human rights situation across the continent.

ACJPS works with a dedicated team of pro-bono legal experts in Sudan who give their time to supporting the victims of human rights violations and promoting respect for a culture of human rights in the Sudanese legal system.

The ACJPS Legal Programme also works closely with a number of Sudanese and international partners who share common objectives to promote human rights and access to justice for all Sudanese, and to strengthen the African regional human rights system.

Legal programme partners:

African Commission on Human and Peoples' rights UN mechanisms Sudanese laws and legal resources Legal research