11 Jan

The African Center for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) expresses deep concern about the rising levels of ethnic violence and the perpetuation of the trend by the warring parties in Sudan. In this release, ACJPS has documented incidents where Pro-National Congress Party (NCP) Military Intelligence personnel arrested and allegedly killed 26 male Sudanese citizens in Wad Madani, Al-jazeera state. We urge the warring parties to respect the human rights of Sudanese citizens guaranteed under the Constitutional Charter, and regional and international human rights treaties ratified by Sudan. Sudanese authorities must conduct an independent and impartial investigations into the allegations of torture and killing of the 26 men in Wad Madani. The report of the investigation must be made public and perpetrators held to account.

On 15 December 2023, the SAF Military Intelligence unit under the supervision of SAF Battalion One (1) deployed in Al-jazeera state, Central Sudan arbitrarily arrested 26 male Sudanese citizens from Wad Madani City, the capital of Aljazeera State. The men were taken to the Military Intelligence (MI) detention center in Wad Madani located next to the Military Hospital where they were detained. The detainees were arrested from their various places of work within Wad Madani Market where most of them run businesses such as microfinance, retail shops, electronics, mobile phones, and accessories shops among other businesses. While in detention, the group was tortured and allegedly executed inside the MI detention center. A reliable source who demanded anonymity informed ACJPS that, for three days, the detainees were subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment including physical abuse as they were bleeding on various body parts. He added that they were also forbidden from talking to each other while in detention. On 18 December 2023, the detainees were allegedly executed and their bodies were discovered in another location. The source informed ACJPS that all the 26 victims who were arrested and eventually killed originated from Darfur and Kordofan states.

It is alleged that these arrests were politically motivated with the intention to steer the conflict into an ethnic one. It is further believed that the intention behind this alleged plot is to bait and lure Darfurians living in Al-jazeera state into an ethnic conflict and resultantly escalate the war between SAF and RSF as it will eventually spill over to other states in Central Sudan.

Other developments

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) also has an interest in Al-jazeera as it has launched attacks on several small towns within the state through the Southern direction from Khartoum. For example, Am-Alela area neighboring Abu-Haraz located approximately 15 kilometers from Wad Madani city. This eventually led RSF to the seizure and control of the oil reserve in the area.

On 19 December 2023, an audio recording by Asst. Lieutenant Almesbal Talha Malik circulated on social media. Lieut. Malik also doubles as the Commander of the Islamic Militia, a group created by the former National Congress Party (NCP) wing known as the Sudanese Islamic Movement (SIM) headed by Mr. Albraa Iben Malik. In the audio, Asst. lieut. Malik is heard saying that the militia failed to retaliate when RSF launched attacks on Wad Madani. He is also heard expressing his disappointment in the militia as he thought they were in a position to control the situation. He added that the militia was working together with the Pro-NCP SAF Military Intelligence unit personnel to turn the conflict in Al-jazeera into an ethnic one.

On 20 December 2023, another statement was issued by Major General Elteybe, the former commander of SAF headquarters in Aljazeera state also known as Division 1. The statement was made following the withdrawal of SAF commanded by the Major General (Elteybe) from Al-jazeera to Senar State located approximately 294 kilometers south of Wad Madani. In the statement, Gen. Elteybe stated that the reason for the withdrawal was the fear that the conflict was being steered into an ethnic one as there were plans by the militia in collaboration with some Pro-NCP MI personnel to do so.


Since June 2023, there have been initiatives by both RSF and SAF to mobilize civilians to join the armed conflict against the opposing party. Some of these initiatives have been spearheaded by Sudanese Islamic Movement leaders such as Mr. Ali Ahmed Karti, the former Sudanese Foreign Affairs Minister and a founder of the Popular Defense Forces (PDF), a militia established in November 1989 by the Sudan Islamic Movement and Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Haroun the former minister of Internal Affairs who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC). 

RSF mobilized several militias to join the armed conflict against the SAF. These include; the Arab tribal militia with Darfurian origins known as Resilient Forces, militia led by Mr. Mohamed Ismail and deputized by Mr. Mohamed Jubara from Rezigate Awlad Zaid clan, casual fighters from other tribes in Darfur like Bargo, Tama, and Airanga. Additionally, the Arab fighters that do not belong to the tribal forces are recruited and paid a monthly salary of up to 500 Sudanese Pounds (amounting to approximately 1000 USD but currently ammounting to 450 USD due to  inflation) 

Several prisoners who escaped from different Sudanese prisons across Sudan at the beginning of the war in April 2023 joined the war in support of either party including the Sudanese liberation Army/Sudanese Alliance which is also a party in the conflict.

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