21 Jun

Photo Credit: UrduPoint

Airstrikes, bombing, and shelling intensify as the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) continue to engage the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). During the month of September 2023, Sudanese citizens witnessed some of the most intense gunfights between the warring parties in areas within Khartoum State where civilians were mainly affected. When the armed conflict first broke out in Marawi, the national army (SAF) quickly captured Khartoum and took control of the state. However, in September 2023, RSF started engaging in a bid to seize and control Khartoum. The gunfights resulted in the capture of military (SAF) bases located within the residential areas further compromising the security of civilians.

The September 2023 events had devastating effects such as the death of approximately 350 civilians including children and the shelling that destroyed several properties. The health sector too was affected as some medical facilities such as Al-Naw Hospital located in Althura neighborhood in Omdurman have been targeted at least three times since the war erupted. Currently the only functional health facilities in Khartoum are; Alawo Hospital located in Althura in Omdurman, Bashir Hospital located in Mayo, South of Khartoum, and Alrazi Hospital located in Khartoum Bahari with inadequate supplies.

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