23 Dec

Even though several armed conflicts have concluded with peace settlements, it remains an uncommon method for resolving violent conflicts due to the persistence of fundamental causes, making them prone to re-ignite.  For instance, the post-Cold War period, particularly between 1989 and 1999, saw over 110 armed conflicts, 75 of which had concluded by 1999 .The termination of conflicts varies, ending in victory, continuing at a low level, returning after some time, or concluding in a peace agreement. Notably, only 21 of the conflicts during the post-Cold War era ended in negotiated peace agreements, 22 in victories, and 32 became dormant conflicts. However, from 2000-2005, the trend shifted drastically, with peace agreements out numbering victories by a factor of 4-1, concluding at least 41 armed conflicts compared to 23 military victories.

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