12 Jan

Sudan, a nation marked by a history of conflict, underscores the vital importance of achieving lasting peace. This narrative explores the multifaceted role of women in Sudan, emphasizing their potential as catalysts for positive change in building a sustainable and inclusive peace. With women constituting half of Sudan's population, their active participation is not just a matter of equality but a strategic imperative.

Women's Activism Amidst Crisis 

Women in Sudan have a rich history of political activism, often playing pivotal roles during critical junctures. Despite this, their contributions have not translated into official recognition in political processes or substantive representation in government. The recent crisis since April 2023 witnessed women actively responding to the violence, forming coalitions and movements such as Women Against the War. These groups, comprising prominent advocates and human rights activists, utilized social media and on-the-ground initiatives to document human rights violations and provide crucial support to internally displaced people.

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