03 Jan

The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) has continued to document human rights violations committed by the warring parties in Sudan. Sexual violence within the context of the Sudan conflict has alarmingly escalated and demands urgent international attention. The conflict has tragically transformed into a war targeting women's bodies, with a discernible pattern of SGBV. In this release, ACJPS has documented incidents and testimonies where 14 females including children from Utash and Kalma IDP camps in South Darfur were sexually violated by men in the uniforms of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Arab militia, and unidentified masked men.

ACJPS reiterates its calls to the Sudanese and local authorities to investigate the alleged rape to find and prosecute the perpetrators. A special prosecutor should be appointed to the case should the victims wish to proceed with a criminal prosecution. Local authorities must guarantee the victim's protection from reprisal. ACJPS further calls on the Sudanese authorities to immediately put in place measures to protect civilians, especially the vulnerable groups in IDP camps during this armed conflict.

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