02 Feb

As the world watches Hemeti and Burhan -the leaders of the two forces at war in Sudan-undertake diplomatic engagements across the African continent, it is paramount that countries receiving them steadfastly prioritise the fundamental demands of the Sudanesepeople, including the earnest call for a cessation of hostilities, unhindered humanitarianaid access to the country, and the restoration of democracy and civilian rule.

Paris-Nairobi, 29 January 2024. Over the last few months, the world has witnessed the increasedactivity of both Sudan’s army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the leader of the Rapid SupportForces (RSF) Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemeti). Between September 2023 and January 2024,Burhan has visited the United States of America (USA) for the United Nations (UN) GeneralAssembly, countries in East Africa, and in the Middle-East, in an effort to reinforce himself as the defacto leader of the country. Similarly, in the last weeks, Hemeti has toured a number of Africancapitals, including Uganda, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda, where he wasreceived by civilian politicians and heads of state. On 2 January 2024, Hemeti and Abdalla Hamdok(the former Sudan Prime Minister, deposed during the military coup on 25 October, and currentrepresentative for the Coordination of Civilian Democratic Forces, known as Taqaddum), signed theAddis Ababa Declaration, intended to serve as the basis for further negotiations and a politicalsettlement.

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