03 Jan

During the more than seven months of deadly conflict between the nation's army (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), the paramilitary and its allied militia have been accused of looting homes, hospitals, shops, convoys, companies, and warehouses among others. Goods looted are sold at markets referred to as Shefshefa markets by smugglers where they are sold by black-market traders.

Shefshefa is a slung referring to a thief and/or the act of stealing or looting private and public property. This is a commonly used word by the Sudanese people including SAF, RSF, allied militias, and civilians.

The word Shefshefa became popular after the outbreak of the war. Because the majority of the military bases are located within or near the residential areas, civilians are vulnerable to theft and looting by soldiers, RSF, and militia during or after a gunfight thus popularizing the term.

In these markets, one can find everything including televisions, radios second-hand cars, air conditioning units, chairs, beds, and wooden cabinets. These markets can be found in several states across Sudan.

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