14 Jan

Our organisations continue to express deep concerns about gross human rights violations that are being perpetrated against civilians in Sudan by the Sudanese Armed Forces, Paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and armed militia groups.

Since the war erupted on 15th April 2023, we have raised serious concerns about the indiscriminate killing of civilians, with the country-wide death roll reaching over four thousand, as of September 2023. Activists and human rights defenders are being targeted with arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detention for their advocacy work against the ongoing armed conflict; for advocating for the release of detainees, engaging with the local ceasefire committees and providing legal aid services to detainees. In September 2023, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights reported that “hundreds – and likely thousands – are being held incommunicado in appalling conditions” including political activists, human rights defenders and members of the resistance committees.

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